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These practices are great for the morning. They are especially designed to give you some get up and go, no matter how much time you have;  if you're giving yourself a short weekday gift of starting the day well or a beautiful, longer energising weekend practice to give yourself the time and space you need to feel just great.

We think you'll find that the day goes with so much more panache and ease after you start the day by getting moving.


  • Flow for Enthusiasm43:37
    Flow for Enthusiasm

    Adam Hocke

    This all-round vinyasa flow yoga class will help you work with the concept of enthusiasm so that you have the fuel to power your practice. Expect to find your personal source of inspiration and then physically connect to joyful practices of rolling around, hip strengthening, accessible arm balances, and more that will get you going no matter what your starting point is. Where does the energy for practice come from? How can you get energised when all you want to be is lazy? You will need two bricks.

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