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This is the place to find a selection of videos that work for folks with weak or injured wrists or those that just don't like sun salutes! You'll also find some short classes to help build up, protect and strengthen those carpal muscles. We also recommend checking out our Yin and Restorative Section for more classes that are easy on the wrists.


  • Rebalance Yourself24:24
    Rebalance Yourself

    Joo Teoh

    A gentle sequence to calm and rebalance your emotions after a stressful time. There are times when we can be knocked off our centre, maybe something as simple as someone has said something that has shocked us, or we are needing to rebalance after grief. This mixture of calming yoga, qi-gong and breath-work practices will calms and quieten your jangled nerves after a shock or stressful moment. These rebalancing classes are gentle and many poses may be done in a chair.

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