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“You are only as old as your spine”

Goes the saying. It’s really important for you to keep your spine moving so that it stays strong, healthy and flexible. But you knew that already. These videos are great if you have a desk job and don’t move as much as you could, or if you already have stiff spine, shoulders or hips. Just remember to do the practices in these videos. Every day. We have got videos of different lengths here so you don’t need to put your back out trying to fit it in your schedule.

We don’t guarantee that you’ll be ready to join the Chinese circus, but we think that your back will appreciate the extra loving you give it and will reward you with less pain. You’ll start feeling that your life has some backbone, quite literally. This will lead to you making better decisions, possibly leading a life from a position of courage. You may start to feel your back is longer, you may start to sit up taller, you may start to notice when you slump or st... Show more


  • Pilates for Shoulder Stability and Neck Relaxation27:26
    Pilates for Shoulder Stability and Neck Relaxation

    Vanessa Michielon

    A Pilates class for the shoulders and neck to build strength and mobility to help you find full range of movement to prevent injury. It will also help create more space and relaxation in your neck and stabilise your shoulders as you move. We will both clarify the upper body alignment of some common Pilates exercises (planks, shoulder bridges, the Roll up) and use an elastic band (or a sock!) to create deeper connection in the side body and upper back muscles, so that your neck and head can move more freely and without excess tension. A great class to refine technique, as well as for those of us who spend time at our desk or travelling.

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