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  • Flow through the Retrograde01:02:48
    Flow through the Retrograde

    Dirish Shaktidas

    Drop into the flow and tune into your body. This yoga class features a strong, restorative and fluid yoga practice with an emphasis on twisting to help you enter the flow state - a meditative state of energised focus. You will sweat out the stress of the day and ride the waves of your breath through a challenging, creative sequence which will help you fully embody each pose and bring presence to your practice. When you spend more time in the flow state, you will experience greater release, creativity, and ease in daily life. The flow will be followed by some restorative poses to end the sequence. In this class, you will: open and strengthen your body, improve your focus and body awareness, learn to let go through challenging times, challenge and deepen your yoga practice, surrender and shift your awareness to your balance energy.

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