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This week, I would like to let you know you about our newest, most exciting (and scary!) venture. We are finally launching into the material world…



We would like to present to your our own MFML Shop!

Now this is pretty scary, and in fact it’s frankly been one challenge after another, these things look so easy and they are so tough to do.

But I do hope that you agree, it was well worth it.

You may wonder, why on earth are we launching a shop? Well, it’s just because we’ve been asked to recommend products, and have been asked if we can make life easier for folks who are recommending their friends to start a home yoga practice, so we thought, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to help folks find their kit in the most simple way.

We have created our own Movement for Modern Life Mat…

… which is everything we think a mat should be – super grippy, with helpful markings so you know how symmetrical you are when your teacher’s not around, made from eco-friendly materials, with it’s own neat carry strap which we also use as our yoga strap and not too pricey. And it was designed by my mum who is a connoisseur of all things design, so it’s bound to be good!

We’re also selling ‘Bundles’ which are everything you need to kickstart your home yoga practice – a mat, an MFML subscription (of course) and a block – and for those who want to lux-up their practice, an eye-bag and a bolster.

The shop is literally launching today, so I’d love to hear what you think! And if you’re thinking of nudging your friends or family to start a home yoga practice, we hope you’ll nudge them in the direction of our store!!!

with love

Kat & Team MFML


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