Thoughts on Yin Yoga by Norman Blair


I first came across yin yoga back in autumn 2001 at Manchester Buddhist Centre – after several years of ashtanga yoga there was like a wow this is different. There was a feeling of space and a sense of being allowed to soften and stay.

In this modern world of tight belts tight schedules tight bodies, we are often drowning in a deluge of demands. There can be overheating and a too great stimulating of senses – we become worn down: exhausted and depleted. A possible path to dilute the drowning is this slow motion and stillness of yin yoga where we are staying for prolonged periods of time in floor-based postures. There might be experiences of spaciousness, development of patience and cultivating of acceptance: a becoming cooler, a being more at ease. This staying in shapes can be profoundly influential on the quality of our well being. As well as the physical stretching, this can impact upon our energetic body, our mental states and our emotions.

I have been practicing yoga since the early 1990s and started teaching in 2001. I have a lot of experience of teaching yin yoga in the UK and I try to weave this wonderful practice with my own background of ashtanga and meditation to be hopefully create a potent mix. I have been a long-term student with teachers such as Sarah Powers, Hamish Hendry, Judith Lasater and Alaric Newcombe.

We highly recommend coming to Norman’s workshops. On Saturday 31 May 3.30pm-7 Norman is teaching a  yinyoga practice at Globe House Yoga Studio/London Bridge SE1 and he also teaches five day yin yoga intensives.


From the students:

“I would like to thank you so much for a wonderful 5 days of immersion in Yin Yoga. I was really in need of some ‘me’ time (so often we don’t practice what we preach) and it was so lovely to be nurtured and looked after especially in the comforting environment of your home. I loved your cosy, humble studio, it was the perfect setting, I also feel that you have the gift of authenticity which is what I always look for in a teacher and what I’m always saying to would be teachers – ‘Be yourself, speak from your own beliefs and from your heart and be open to others opinions – then you can’t go wrong’. Your teachings are warm and real and I loved the little chats in between to encourage the group energy, it worked beautifully.”

“Really enjoyed this immersion in yin yoga. I learnt a lot that I can use in my own practice and teaching. Norman is an excellent teacher who always conveys the subject with immense experience, knowledge and enthusiasm… I came away with new knowledge but more importantly felt grounded, relaxed and calm… I feel inspired, energized and optimistic”.


What some yin teachers say about Norman:

“As yoga has grown from a fringe activity of the few to a cultural practice of the many it has broadened and expanded both its theory and its repertory. Part of this expansion is captured in the idea of a yin-yang continuum of yoga practices. Yang forms of yoga with their flowing movements and heat building purification have rightly taken centre stage as an antidote to physically sedentary and mentally stressed urban lives. But purification of toxins needs to be complemented by nurturing tissues and calming the mind. Yin forms of yoga fill this need. Norman Blair has two decades of experience in both yin and yang forms of yoga. This gives him the ability to teach how yin yoga can be integrated into a complete yoga program. I hope many people take advantage of this chance to learn a calming, healing practice.”
– Paul Grilley

“Norman is a kind, dedicated, and insightful man and teacher of both Yin and Ashtanga yoga and those who are interested in the intersection between these two should definitely study with him.”
– Sarah Powers

Need to relax and restore? Practice with Norman now – click here.


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