Why Bother with Post-Natal Yoga? There’s nappies to change! By Jean Hall



Giving birth changes everything – our life’s priorities,  our hearts, our relationships, our instincts, our minds, our bodies and our energy.

During this time of profound transformation yoga can be life line – giving us the much needed support to find a new balance and  strength to help deal with the new challenges, joys and  demands of motherhood… cos’ truth be known it ain’t always a bed of roses and this can sometimes come as a shock!

However if you take a little time to have regular yoga practice – which only needs to be 10-15 minutes in between feeds, nappy changes and chores, it will regenerate your energy, create a sense of calm as well as rebuild your body’s strength and tone – all of which will help you to be better able to nurture and enjoy this amazing new life you have brought into the world.

Jean Hall

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