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These practices are specifically designed by our expert teachers to help you to sleep. They will reduce the anxieties and stress of the day and bring you to a more meditative state which will give you a much better night's sleep.

You may be surprised at how little movements in the right direction can really affect the quality of your life, improve your night and the next day. Guaranteed.


  • Get Ready For Sleep19:14
    Get Ready For Sleep

    Clive Fogelman

    This yoga class is a slow, grounding and gentle practise preparing body and mind for sleep. We start from standing and gradually make our way to the floor. This is a great practise to do in the evening to help unwind the body or just before bedtime. It is an opportunity to slow down and take some space for yourself at the end of the day to really support your transition to sleep. You will need a belt or dressing gown tie and a blanket/pillow/cushions.

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