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Athletes move more than the average person. Excellent. We think that’s laudable. You’re probably type A, you’re ambitious, you’re working towards goals in every aspect of your life. We love that kind of person. We’re like you. Except we found that when we just focused on our athletics, be it running, triathalons, cycling, ski-ing or whatever - our muscles started to feel tired, over-used and under-stretched. Brains can get frazzled. So find yoga for your overworked muscles, clear your brain and give yourself some space to perform better, more efficiently and much less prone to injury.


  • Feet, Stability & Balance24:06
    Feet, Stability & Balance

    Zephyr Wildman

    This yoga class focuses on giving you a great connection to your foundation; your feet. Discover dexterity in refined movement of your yogi-feet and an energetic lift in how to move forward in life’s journey. The class takes place almost entirely on two blocks, great for feeling your feet and working on balance and stability. This is great for people who have previously sprained ankles, weak ankles and knees or want to improve their balance as well as proprioperception ( the subtle sense of the body’s movement and positioning without sight). You will need two blocks.

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