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This is the place to find a selection of videos that work for folks with weak or injured wrists or those that just don't like sun salutes! You'll also find some short classes to help build up, protect and strengthen those carpal muscles. We also recommend checking out our Yin and Restorative Section for more classes that are easy on the wrists.


  • Yoga To Re-Centre37:16
    Yoga To Re-Centre

    Naomi Absalom

    A creative movement practice that embodies the natural interchanging states of contraction and expansion. Moving from the centre out and back in again, this yoga class mirrors the flow of life, the shift in energy; expect juicy, fluid and fluent creative somatic movements. Challenge yourself to move in different ways, move with natural, fluid strength and flexibility. Perfect for when you've been at work all day and you just want a juicy, hip-freeing class to liberate your mind and body from modern life! Mostly wrist-free.

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