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  • Kundalini Kriya55:04
    Kundalini Kriya


    A kriya is a specific sequence of postures or actions for a specific purpose. I like to call them recipes, each step works in turn to create a specific effect for your body, mind and spirit. There are hundreds of Kundalini Kriyas, this one is called the Kriya for Elevation. It is a simple practice involving lots of flexing the spine, stretching of the legs and stimulating breath of fire. The practice finishes with a more challenge held meditation Sat Kriya which is a key practice in kundalini Yoga. It encourages circulation of panic life force through all the chakras. It’s a great practice to help relieve symptoms of depression. This sequence has breath of fire to begin with so please watch my introduction to Kundalini Yoga if this is a new practice for you or you haven’t quite mastered it yet. Tune in to this traditional Kundalini yoga class or Kriya, as they are known in the Kundalini tradition. This full Kundalini yoga class involves chanting, mudra and physical hatha yoga poses and a beautiful, long Savasana to finish.

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