Yoga Courses

We have courses to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s a physical pose, better sleep or simply to learn how to relax into our best selves. Sometimes we need extra motivation to reach our goals. Our courses allow you to explore themed classes at your own pace. Because life is busy enough, it’s nice to be flexible that some days you may fancy doing a few classes, some days none. If flexibility is what you’re after, pick a course that suits your needs and move through our classes.

  • Mindfulness Course
    Mindfulness Course

    17 Steps

    A series of mindfulness classes to help you being a practice which can support you through all stages of life.

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  • Take Heart: Recover Gently
    Take Heart: Recover Gently

    15 Steps

    Gentle yoga to help you recover from stress or illness.

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  • Move Into Calm: Yoga to reset and recentre
    Move Into Calm: Yoga to reset and recentre

    24 Steps

    Reset and recentre with yoga classes to help balance anxiety.

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  • Mindful In Moments
    Mindful In Moments

    5 Steps

    Learn to use mindfulness to become aware of your thoughts in just 5 minutes a day with Toby Ouvry

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