Moving Into Daily Health


By the end of January, it’s easy to be feeling a little ‘meh’. We were full of resolve, full of excitement for the year. We’ve focused on letting go of habits that don’t serve us, we’ve been feeling the commitment doing the things that really do work for us moving forward.


But actually, it’s the little things that count, not the biggest events, the things which we might pinpoint in our diary as important, the things we work towards all year that really make us. It’s actually the smallest of things, it’s our daily habits, it’s what we do every single day without failure that marks out our path.

What is it that you do every single day? Take a think about that. About how you spend the moments of your days.

Today I’d like you to think about creating habits which you can keep in your life, which will be helpful for you to consciously create the life you want to live, every single day. Think about your routines – what’s your morning routine? How can you add to that so that you get more from your day, or more enjoyment? What do you do every evening? And what is your routine around eating?

It’s the routine stuff that matters and the big things will just fall into place. Most importantly, remember what you want out of life – keep the picture big to keep the impetus to practice your small habits daily. If you want big things, you will get them with small changes. For me, my ‘big picture’ things that are important to me are a feeling of vitality, lightness, energy, mental energy and creativity and good health. So it’s really important that I keep doing the things that keep me feeling vibrant every single day. I know that when I don’t do my small daily habits, I feel low, overwhelmed, heavy and I lack energy and optimism. It really is so simple.

Check out my blog for my top 5 Daily Habits. And let us know in the Movers Group, the group we set up at the beginning of the year to inspire each other, what your daily habits are.

With love – and remember to keep doing what you do, every single day!

Kat and Team MFML


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