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We’re now into December, and thoughts turn to Christmas gifts. It’s wonderful to take time to think of others and their needs, and how we can help to contribute to their happiness.

This Christmas, I wonder if you’ll join me in trying to set an intention for Christmas, just as we do for our daily yoga practice? The intention I’m setting is to make gift giving and the Christmas period as meaningful as possible. You’ll know from your yoga that when you set an intention, some kind of magic occurs. Our intentions have the effect of creating a reality. So this year, in my gift giving, the intention I’m setting is for each individual gift, how will this enhance their life?

It could be that this intention completely transforms the way that you shop, or it could be that you already do this – but by imbuing each gift with the specific intention and purpose of perhaps, contributing to the fulfilment of your loved one’s hopes and dreams, it sets the bar a little higher perhaps?

It requires us to really think of each person, what are their true wishes, what is that person’s dharma?

And what can I contribute, in my very own particular way, to that dharma? It could be that this realisation makes you see that you need to make something yourself, that really transmits the energy you have for them. Or maybe you see that they are starting a new path, and you might give a book to encourage them along the way?

Of course, the Gift of Movement is the gift of health and happiness, and a toolkit to help folks to live their best version of their lives if they have an interest in wellbeing.

And remember that with each purchase you make, you’re making a vote for the business and the people behind that product: the way in which that company operates; way they treat their workers, and the way that they create the product.

All products are created from the energy of some kind,  is the energy used to produce that produce something that you’d support? What is the impact on that gift or trinket for the house on others? On the creatures and on the planet? And where will that gift be in five years, or ten years time?

I do so worry about all of the plastic and bits and pieces that just go straight to recycling or landfill, that surrounds Christmas – all the crackers and plastic toys, and the endless sea of plastic that ends up under the tree.

Our beautiful earth is so important to the wellbeing and survival of all of us, it’s vital that our intentions for good for each other are translated to intentions for the world around us. That is the way of the yogi!!

Love Kat & the MFML Team xx

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