Yoga and Ayurveda for Travel by Zephyr Wildman



According to Ayurveda, Jet lag is a Vata Dosha imbalance as it rules Air and Movement. During travel the speed of movement and the distance from the earth can increase the lack of harmony with oneself.

Traveling can make us feel fatigued, dizzy, disorientated and sometimes give us headaches. Some feel dehydrated, nauseous, constipated, or have trapped wind. It can increase feelings of anxiousness or depression which can also disturb the natural sleep rhythms. Yoga is known to help with all these symptoms aiding in realigning you to your natural state.

When we fly the air expands when the atmospheric pressure is decreased. So as an example, a balloon, which holds 3 litres of air at the ground level will thus expand to hold 4 litres. This demonstrates the air in our stomach and intestines while traveling which causes bloating, cramps and discomfort while and after flying.

To balance Vata Dosha in the tummy, it is advisable to eat warm foods, soups, and small portions while traveling for easier digestion. Also, to drink warm tea like ginger, mint, fennel or just room temperature water to stay hydrated.

 Before I travel to balance my Vata Dosha, I rub the skin with black sesame oil to keep my body warm and hydrated as planes are air conditioned. Some of the Essential Oils I use to ground myself is Sandalwood, Cedar wood, Lavender, Rose Geranium, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Chamomile, Sage, or Clove. I find the smell connect and calms me.

 I would recommend to reestablish your natural rhythm to be still for some time after the journey, to feel connected to the earth and your new environment. I find a Yoga practice that suits my needs is some of the best medicine. I have recorded a few sequences which have worked for me that I pass on to you:

Relax and Restore Post-Flight

After Travel: Digest and Stretch

Post Travel Yoga for Hips, Shoulders and Back

Post-Travel Unravel

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1_s Zephyr has been teaching Yoga since 2002 in London, trained via Yoga Campus and has been a Mentor on their yoga training program since 2005. She teaches at The Life Centre, Yoga Centres around London, private tuition, and at The Recovery Centre (treatment centre for addiction, depression and other dependency problems). Her teachings focus on combining the elements of creative movement, flow and dynamic sequencing, focusing on alignment, prana vayus and kinesiology.


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