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  • Mandala Salutations: Hamstrings & Inversions27:19
    Mandala Salutations: Hamstrings & Inversions

    Katarina Rayburn

    A dynamic, swift-paced mandala sun salutation based vinyasa yoga class. Mandala salutations move 360 degrees around the mat, this flow focuses on hamstrings and working towards inversions. Class gets started straight away, you'll find plenty of hamstring-opening poses to get you stronger and prepare you for your inversion practice. This class is tough, fast and fun. We recommend you do a warming up practice and a relaxation practice afternwards, but this one is the pure-flow for those who just need to move! This class is inspired by my self practice, when i'm away teaching my retreats, and only have a spare half hour to make the most of! You will need two bricks.

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