Core Strength › 30 to 45 mins › Katarina Rayburn

  • Mandala Salutations: Fiery Flanks34:00
    Mandala Salutations: Fiery Flanks

    Katarina Rayburn

    This is a swift-moving mandala salutation vinyasa yoga class. If you only have a spare half hour, it’s a sure and fast way to get you flowing and sweating. This power yoga class focuses on stretching and strengthening through your side body. Expect lots of lovely twists, plank variations and (optional) inversions. The mandala practice moves 360 degrees around your mat, so perhaps watch the first couple of flows to find out where Katarina takes you, or listen intently, as you won't always be able to see the screen. This change of perspective is a perfect way to change the way you look at life, getting insight from new ways of seeing things. The class focuses on igniting Agni (internal fire) and bringing awareness to Manipura chakra, our source of willpower and transformation. This class is the pure-flow for those who just need to move but if you want to extend this practice we recommend taking a supine twist to wake up the target area.

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