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You know yoga. We at Movement for Modern Life know and are passionate about yoga. We know how much it has helped us in our lives.

These videos will help you do more yoga in your own time. No more rushing to class. Phew!



  • Jivamukti flow in Green to Pincha Mayurasana48:59
    Jivamukti flow in Green to Pincha Mayurasana

    Lizzie Reumont

    The colour green is associated with the anahata chakra, the unstuck sound of the heart. A Peacock’s tail feather is also green, and pinchamayurasana requires an open heart! This class is a full Jivamukti flow working towards Pincha Mayarasana. So whether you are outside in the grass or wearing favourite green kit, or simply green on the inside, get inspired by the earth’s favourite colour of life: green!

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