Lizzie Reumont

Lizzie Reumont

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Lizzie grew up on the water, and has always been drawn to the elements; water, wind, fire, earth and sky. Lizzie has found these elements present in every place that she's ever called home, and this is why she loves to weave the elements into her yoga practice.

First drawn to yoga as a philosophy student over 25 years ago, yoga has been instrumental for Lizzie in finding balance.

Lizzie's studies of yoga include a variety of experiences spanning nearly two decades. At her happiest teaching Jivamukti yoga, Lizzie also uses an integrated approach to other forms of yoga, movement therapies and life experience. Lizzie's Jivamukti practice includes alignment cues, awareness of the breath, and plenty of music. Above all else, Lizzie aims to create a space in the world where we can celebrate our individuality as we co-exist together, with compassion for all.

Lizzie is an advanced certified Jivamukti teacher, a Rolfer, Craniosacral Therapist, daughter, mother, and friend of animals.
When she's not on the mat, teaching or sinking her fingers into fascia, Lizzie is most likely to be found with her son sunk into an art project.

Upcoming events with Lizzie:

June 17 - Embodied Yoga as Fascial Fitness, Indaba Yoga Studio, London.
September 12-16 - Yoga and Plant Based Cooking Retreat, Chateau de Puissentut, Toulouse, France.

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