Move into Calm › 45 to 60 mins › Dirish Shaktidas

  • Yin Yoga for Overwhelm57:07
    Yin Yoga for Overwhelm

    Dirish Shaktidas

    Expect cooling forward bends and refreshing twists in this yin yoga class. The poses help to ease overwhelm during the full moon, or any time that life feels a little stressful. The journey inward starts with some gentle movement. Then we focus on releasing and letting go with folding forward poses, which encourage looking inward. Your hamstrings and hips will benefit from these folds, they are perfect poses for those who have been seated all day, or athletes needing to stretch out the hamstrings and hips. During the long pose holds, there is no instruction or talking, so that we can delve deeper into the poses, and unlike some yin Classes, there is a little movement in between poses. Props suggested: a bolster (or two!) a block or two and a strap.

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