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These classes are especially for you if you are going through times of change or if you would like to change things in your life and want a helping hand with tranformation. These yoga videos will give you and a helping hand in dealing with the highs and as well as lows of life.


  •  Yoga for Anxiety38:32
    Yoga for Anxiety

    Leila Sadeghee

    This is a yoga class for when your head is a 'swiling thought mess'. Class starts with some energetic jumping lunges (feel free to give these a miss if you're not up to them!) - then the class intersperses asana to open and release the hips with calming breath exercises. Suitable for all levels, although not everyone may be able to keep up with Leila's energy levels at the start of class, but persevere if you can! The remaining 30 minutes of yoga and breath-work is much more peaceful and bound to see your anxiety levels to calm and managable levels.

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