Stress/Anxiety › 30 to 45 mins › Kate Walker

  • Yoga Step by Step 136:53
    Yoga Step by Step 1

    Kate Walker

    This is the first class in a series for those of starting, or coming back to yoga, or for those who simply want to move with grace and ease. Use this simple yoga sequence to create a spacious body and a mind free from anxiety with simple postures. It is suitable for most bodies. Start lying down with gentle hamstring stretches and hip openers, perfect for combating tight hips resulting from a sedentary lifestyle. Then gently mobilise the spine and learn the basic standing postures, building strength slowly and gently. Finish with seated forward bends and twists and a beautiful savasana. This class is perfect for beginners, but all of us will benefit from the ease of movement and depth of breath from these hatha yoga poses.

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