Kate Walker

Kate Walker

Kate Walker (nee harrell) was born in NYC and grew up there and in Los Angeles. Based in London since 1993, kate is one of the most popular teachers at London's most prominent yoga studios. Her yoga journey started as a double degree in drama and eastern philosophy at Vassar College, NYC - yoga was the only overlap between her two degrees which was intriguing.

Kate was incredibly physically weak and inflexible, but persevered in her practise as it brought a deeper sense of peace and patience to her life off the mat. She started to teach as an alternative to acting (she's a terrible waitress!) and found that she enjoyed the teaching more than the world of acting, so gave up the latter to dive into the former! She's been teaching full time now since 2005. her speciality is teaching with multi-options for all levels, simple and progressive sequencing that flows with attention to alignment and breath. The main teachers who influence her style are Max Strom, Annie Carpenter, Seane Corn, Rodney Yee and Judith Lasater. She's taken part in numerous teacher trainings, and teaches retreats and workshops worldwide. She is married to James Walker and they have a dog called Billy.

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