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These practices have been specifically created and sequenced for watching online on Movement for Modern Life to reduce stress and anxiety you may feel in your life.
Within our anti-stress and anxiety series, we have a range of practices which include:


which cultivates a deep sense of awareness.The perfect antidote to urban life, Yin focuses on releasing and letting go via the deep musculature of the body and connective tissues, aiding physical, energetic, mental and emotional flexibility.

Restorative Yoga

is passive, designed to adjust the nervous system and rest the adrenal glands, enabling the body to move towards balance.

All of the practices on this site are designed to increase your awareness on the breath and movement, which will intrinsicly help you deal with any stress/anxiety you may feel in everyday life.



  • Elemental Flow: Calling In Vastness (Ether)54:13
    Elemental Flow: Calling In Vastness (Ether)

    Lucy McCarthy

    A spacious vinyasa flow yoga class that uses the breath and movement to cultivate a sense of expansion and space in mind, body and heart. Ideal for days when you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed, this vinyasa flow class starts with breathwork, then moves onto an all-levels soothing flow and ends with a long restorative version of legs up the wall savasana and a breath-work meditation to create a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. You may need a block.

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