Letting Go


As we move into the New Year, plenty of people are starting to feel some of the ‘January Blues’. I really hope that this isn’t you and you’re not starting to feel blue, and the moment any moment of the blues happens, you now feel that we’ve given you some tools to help deal with the challenges of January.


At Team MFML we’re actually buzzing with excitement, we’re getting ready for our First Ever Retreat with Andrea. It’s this weekend on the South Coast of the UK, and I just can’t wait.

But if it sold out before you secured your place – we’ll be sharing interviews with Andrea, with me and we’ll even be Live Streaming a class – for the very first time in MFML.

So this year for me, and for Movement for Modern Life will be all about letting go of fear, because fear is all that we have holding us back! I’m going to be living that truth in everything that I guide MFML into in 2017 – the first fear me and MFML are over-coming is the fear of being ‘out there’. The very nature of MFML, and of course, it chimes with my personality, because MFML is my baby, is that we are private. We’re all about doing yoga in the privacy of our homes, in our PJ’s away from the eyes of the world and judgement. Well, this is the year that MFML and I will be getting out a bit more! We need to be out there to inspire more people that it’s safe to roll out their mats at home, and to remind them how amazing they’ll feel when they do push out of their comfort zone. So it makes sense for me to push out of my comfort zone!

This week just think – how can you move out of your comfort zone? What are you frightened of that’s holding you back?

So here we have me and MFML pushing out of our comfort zone. We have a Brand New Movers Group on Facebook for you guys to share your practices, pains and glory of practicing at home. And we will be live streaming for the first time.

Our first Facebook Live Q&A with me will be on Friday at 1.30pm. Then on Saturday at 4pm, I’ll be interviewing Andrea. Just make sure you’re on the MFML Facebook page to join in the discussion. We’d love it if you’d ask any questions you might have before the interview, just write them on our Movers page.

Our first live streamed class to Facebook Live will take place on Sunday at 10am. If you want to join in, just have your mat rolled out ready and be on the MFML Facebook page at 10am. I do hope you can join us.

And please be kind and supportive to us, yourself and each other as you and we move out of your comfort zone!

We’ll also be running our Annual Cellular Renewal on Saturday 14th January. So if you’re feeling it for starting afresh with seven days of raw food recipes, twice daily cleansing yoga, and you’d like your cells, body and mind to feel new – join up now to make sure you get all the build up emails.

Wishing you massive amounts of courage and fearlessness for 2017.

Kat x


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