Everything you need to know to become confident with yoga

Begin your yoga journey with our easy to follow progressive four-week yoga course. Our friendly teachers will take you through all the yoga basics including breathing, foundation poses, meditation and relaxation. You will learn how to move with your breath and gain confidence so that by the end of our course you will be ready to flow with your friends and gain the lifelong benefits that yoga has to offer. You will take four 30 minute classes each week as you build your strength and confidence.

This is perfect for:

  • Total beginners with no previous experience or knowledge of yoga
  • Those who would like to refresh their knowledge of yoga foundations
  • Those who enjoy and benefit from additional guidance.

What to expect:

  • 16 x 30-minute yoga classes introducing you to yoga foundations
  • 4 weekly emails offering guidance
  • Progressive
  • Repeat classes as many times as necessary
  • Live Q&A session which will be recorded
  • Articles to support you from the teachers’ leading the course
  • Friendly community.


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Our experts include:

Lucy McCarthy

Lucy is an experienced yoga teacher and shares mindful yoga classes which bring ease to the mind, body and breath. She will be sharing the basics of yoga in the first week of the course.

Adam Hocke

Adam shares compassionate, practical and joyful yoga classes for all levels. His classes in week two will be focusing on alignment and making the poses work for you and your body.

Rakhee Jasani

Rakhee is a yoga teacher and combines breath-led yoga, qi gong and meditation in her sequences which bring calm and creativity. Her classes will build on the basics and bring them together into a flow.

Ava Riby-Williams

Ava is a creative and intuitive teacher, facilitator and artist who sparks curiosity and play in her yoga classes. The course will wrap up with her classes which will explore moving in ways which feel good.