Ava Riby-Williams

Ava Riby-Williams

Ava is a creative and intuitive teacher, facilitator and artist who sparks curiosity and play. Her eclectic teaching focuses on finding presence in the moment, empowering students to become their own inner teachers and recognising ourselves as diverse divinity, in unity.

Ava's teaching style is soulful, and challenging, yet trauma sensitive. So far in her life, she has explored performance arts, Non-Dual Saiva Tantra, the Hermetic principles, Ayurveda, Afrikan spiritual teachings, community youth work and music. She finds all of these things to be keys or access points which have helped her to live in connection to the divine. With over 10 years of yoga, creative collaboration and performance experience, her offerings are sometimes woven with song, storytelling, poetry and space for reflection as a way to deepen our capacity to love and experience life.

Ava is passionate about creating safe and inclusive spaces for self exploration, expression and acceptance. She's driven by the importance of making healing practices accessible to isolated and marginalised communities, as a tool to unwind trauma. Ava honours the unwinding of oppressive structures and cycles as a part of awakening. Creating channeled music and joining voices in song is also part of her spiritual practise.

Ava is dedicated to building heart-centered community and collective wisdom, and pours this dedication into The Creative Soul Collective.


Courses with Ava

  • Calm

    30 Steps

    Shorter classes under 45 minutes to help you move into a state of calm.

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  • Work Break
    Work Break

    28 Steps

    30 classes under 30 minutes to help you refresh during the working day.

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  • Staycation with MFML
    Staycation with MFML

    31 Steps

    Online yoga, barre and somatic movement classes to make the most of your staycation.

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  • Yoga for Anxiety
    Yoga for Anxiety

    45 Steps

    Yoga for AnxietyThere are times when life can leave us overwhelmed and anxious. Yoga, meditation and visualisation, breathwork and journaling can help.This is a four-week course to help you address your relationship to anxiety. In this course you will find:28 yoga classesBreathwork classes including an SOS breathwork classMeditation classesJournaling an [...]

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  • Small Steps to Change: Autumn/Winter
    Small Steps to Change: Autumn/Winter

    28 Steps

    Classes of 30 minutes and under to develop a sustainable yoga practice for life. It's the smallest steps that can lead to the greatest transformations.

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  • Yoga for Beginners
    Yoga for Beginners

    16 Steps

    A four week progressive yoga course for beginners or those wanting to review basics.

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  • ReWild Yourself
    ReWild Yourself

    35 Steps

    Step by step this course helps to uncover who we are and rediscover our true, wild, nature, through movement and meditation classes.

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