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It is crucial that you keep centred and strong in your yoga practice. Flexibility without strength coming from a powerful centre of integrity is really only half the story. Make sure that every practice, and everything you do in life comes from a position of strength, power and a strong sense of you. You’ll be much less prone to injury.

With a powerful, strong centre you will be able to access stability and strength in every area of your life.

With these daily yoga practices - plus tips and information about the importance of a powerful center for creating stability in every area of your life - you'll notice your body, your practice, and your sense of moving throughout your life from a position of strength and courage.

Have fun, enjoy that beautiful burn, feel the strength and power. Oh, and  did we mention that your abs may start to look pretty hot too.


  • Tune In Tune Up: The Crown Centre05:57
    Tune In Tune Up: The Crown Centre

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    This yoga class is all about connection with the divine! The crown chakra is where our ego dissolves and we connect with the source. Headstand is the posture for this class. If you don't have a regular headstand practice, then just place your head on the ground in your child's pose and you'll feel the same benefits.

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  • Feet, Stability & Balance24:06
    Feet, Stability & Balance

    Zephyr Wildman

    This yoga class focuses on giving you a great connection to your foundation; your feet. Discover dexterity in refined movement of your yogi-feet and an energetic lift in how to move forward in life’s journey. The class takes place almost entirely on two blocks, great for feeling your feet and working on balance and stability. This is great for people who have previously sprained ankles, weak ankles and knees or want to improve their balance as well as proprioperception ( the subtle sense of the body’s movement and positioning without sight). You will need two blocks.

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  • Glute and Core Strength32:00
    Glute and Core Strength

    Zephyr Wildman

    A strengthening workout for the glutes, pelvic area and core, perfect for yogis who are often over-mobile - this sequence will help to prevent injury. Great for those who those of us who sit all day who have weak or under-used glutes, we really do need this class to strengthen and prevent back pain. Also a great class for those with diastasis recti from pregnancy and/or weak piriformis/glutes (which is most of us!) -but be ready for the burn. This sequence is focused on the hip stabilisers and core muscle relationship providing a stable base for the spine to advance in asana.

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  • Playful Movement: Core Integration20:27
    Playful Movement: Core Integration

    David Kam

    Build your strong core with this playful movement class to cultivate integration in the way you move with your body. Strengthen your abdominal region and harness directional clarity in your movement to encourage connectivity of both the upper and lower extremities through your centre. A wonderful class to learn the correct, strong and stable technique for doing many ab strengthening exercises. You will need two bricks.

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