David Kam

David Kam

Be less serious, more curious. David’s joyous teachings reflect his wonderfully non-linear journey as an international movement artist, whose fascination guided him through a degree in architecture, professional dance training and yoga. David honours these influences in his classes exploring asana beneath their blueprints of alignment and beyond the confines of the mat to move from a place of freedom and integrity. Known for his creative indulgence towards exploring every corner of the body and mind, David invites you to appreciate the poetics of the in-between to inspire grace and sensitivity in movement through the influence of imagery. The cheerful Malaysian champions a social practice which celebrates playfulness and intuition within self inquiry. David shares his ever evolving practice extensively with warmth and sincerity, in the hopes of empowering others to get back into their bodies and get moving.


Champion of Change Podcast with David

David Kam

“My purpose is to break boundaries and remember what the point of yoga is. Shedding light where you lack awareness.” Meet David Kam. A Movement Artist, dancer, ex-architect and yoga teacher. Who is a Champion of Changing the way we look at yoga and the way we practice. In this conversation you’ll meet a yoga teacher who truly is changing the way we see the world.

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Courses with David

  • Outdoor Yoga
    Outdoor Yoga

    18 Steps

    Playful yoga classes to take outdoors for a greater connection with nature.

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  • Staycation with MFML
    Staycation with MFML

    31 Steps

    Online yoga, barre and somatic movement classes to make the most of your staycation.

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  • Small Steps to Change: Autumn/Winter
    Small Steps to Change: Autumn/Winter

    28 Steps

    Classes of 30 minutes and under to develop a sustainable yoga practice for life. It's the smallest steps that can lead to the greatest transformations.

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  • ReWild Yourself
    ReWild Yourself

    35 Steps

    Step by step this course helps to uncover who we are and rediscover our true, wild, nature, through movement and meditation classes.

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  • Playful Yoga: Creative Movement Classes
    Playful Yoga: Creative Movement Classes

    8 Steps

    These playful, unstructured classes from David Kam will help you learn to be more creative, brave and truly move out of your comfort zone.

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