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You know yoga. We at Movement for Modern Life know and are passionate about yoga. We know how much it has helped us in our lives.

These videos will help you do more yoga in your own time. No more rushing to class. Phew!



  • Positive Psychology Series (5): Creativity15:23
    Positive Psychology Series (5): Creativity

    Mercedes Sieff

    In the final yoga class of the Positive Psychology Series, the sequence focuses on creativity. This is a beautifully creative and fiesty vinyasa yoga sequence with plenty of variations and dance-like movements to cultivate creativity. You will need a strap.

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  • Tune In Tune Up: The Crown Centre05:57
    Tune In Tune Up: The Crown Centre

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    This yoga class is all about connection with the divine! The crown chakra is where our ego dissolves and we connect with the source. Headstand is the posture for this class. If you don't have a regular headstand practice, then just place your head on the ground in your child's pose and you'll feel the same benefits.

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  • Get Off Your Mat29:52
    Get Off Your Mat

    Naomi Absalom

    Changing a known route can shift us into the now. This yoga class is a somatic movement flow for those feeling the call to explore even further beyond the four corners of the mat. Great for teachers or those with a more intermediate practice. This is a sequence Naomi often shares in her teacher's practices. A creative, playful and challenging class.

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