Mercedes Sieff

Mercedes Sieff

Flow yoga mama to two baby yoginis and wife to an amazing guy, Mercedes Ngoh Sieff is one of the UK's happiest and most creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructors. She is also Co-Founder of the award winning Yeotown, Britain's leading health retreat. Mercedes also loves to write and contributes pieces to Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen and is now a blogger for the Huffington Post

Mercedes counts herself lucky to have had the privilege to have studied under many fabulous teachers while navigating the mean beaches of Los Angeles during her decade of living in California. Offering up Vinyasa Flow Yoga at its finest, expect imaginative, bold and beautiful classes designed to rewire the practitioner to rebel against auto-pilot mode”¦

An interview with Mercedes:

When did you first start to practice yoga?

I discovered yoga at 19 while attending University in California.

Why did you first take up yoga?

I wanted a yoga butt. I'm serious, but remember I was 19!

What does yoga mean to you?

Now yoga is a lifestyle, a never ending journey, a way to love myself for my imperfections, mistakes and love those around me fully and with loads of laughter.

Do you meditate?

Yes, I was iniated in Vedic Meditation (Transcendental Meditation) back in 2002 by Thom Knoles.

What’s the secret of cultivating a daily yoga practice?

Recognising that yoga can take place anywhere and not only on that little 6 x2 plastic sheet we call a mat. And not only by practising asana!

What practice do you do every day?

Mindfulness. Loving my kids to bits, being present with them and my husband, my friends. Making a choice to put the mobile away (no texting or emails!) when spending time with those I love so I am as present and mindful as possible.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

This question conjures up images of a big haired beauty queen pageant contestant tearing up about her quest for world peace lol!

How can you join Mercedes?

Mercedes is doing her last 200hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training at Yeotown - July 12th - August 1, 2014 for a couple of years.
Also join Mercedes in Warriors & Waves, a yoga and surf retreat in Bali August 23rd - 30th, 2014.

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