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  • Restorative Yoga: Pause to Feel43:00
    Restorative Yoga: Pause to Feel

    Adrianna Zaccardi

    This restorative yoga class is designed to cultivate awareness through the pelvis, lower belly and sacral plexus; the home of the creative energy centre (Svadhishthana). Poses in this yoga class focus on the back, the lower belly and the legs, and are intended to create space to allow the energy to flow fluidly through this energy centre. It starts with low lunges, moving to a restorative child’s pose and then you'll need a clear wall for ‘legs up the wall’ pose.

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  • Honour Your Cycle: Autumn22:24
    Honour Your Cycle: Autumn

    Uma Dinsmore Tuli

    A very gentle movement and breathing class for pre-menstrual tension. Release PMT with gentle hip-releasing yoga poses, work on emotional releases through resting poses. This class is nourishing and supportive, to give your body the rest and gentle movements it needs. You will need cushions or a bolster to support your knees during resting pose.

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