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  • Pregnancy Yoga: Stay Strong47:25
    Pregnancy Yoga: Stay Strong

    Lucy McCarthy

    A pregnancy yoga class for the second trimester, suitable for those who had an active yoga practise pre-pegnancy and are feeling well, healthy and mobile. This class focuses on strengthening and stabilisation in the hips. It is also a powerful practice to help cultivate strength and steadiness in body, mind and heart to take us through pregnancy, birth and motherhood, empowered from the inside out. You will need two blocks and a bolster, if you have one, for final relaxation.

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  • All trimesters: Hip Openers31:41
    All trimesters: Hip Openers

    Sally Parkes

    This is a fabulous sequence for any time during pregnancy ”“a flowing freeing practice that loosens the shoulders, spine and hips. Using a chair for stability Sally moves us through side flexes to make space for baby with lunges and sitting hip openers to release the hips and lower back. Sally’s classes are perfect for new students who’ve started yoga during pregnancy and those of you who want tips to modify your current practice. Props: Chair

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  • Trimesters 2 & 3: Dynamic hips 29:17
    Trimesters 2 & 3: Dynamic hips

    Zephyr Wildman

    A dynamic, supportive vinyasa for pregnancy focusing on hip opening and pelvic strengthening. In this class, Zephyr gives some lovely shoulder and side body opening and release poses. Props: A bolster or a cushion

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