Adrianna Zaccardi

Adrianna Zaccardi

Hi, I am Adrianna.
I am a Teacher, Mentor, Reiki Master and Co-Creator of Weave.

Through these various roles, my intention is to facilitate the journey back to the True Self – to guide you to feel and remember all that you are.

My spirit and teaching style is grounded, spacious and is designed to guide you from a state of “doing” towards a state of “being” – with yourself, and whatever is present for you on any given day. This is informed by my belief that it is your own experience that acts as your greatest authority in this life.

Be it through Restorative Yoga, Movement, Mentorship, or Reiki I am here to support and guide you to a place of understanding and acceptance, where you can see yourself clearly and therefore transform the way you see perceive the world.

Champion of Change Podcast with Adrianna


In this podcast we hear why restorative yoga is the most radical practice, and why it’s absolutely essential for our health and wellbeing. Our culture sees rest as laziness, yet with our earth dying around us and our bodies with a similar fate; the overwork causing burn out, anxiety and illness, we find out why rest and sustainability for the whole of our lives is really a non-negotiable.

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Challenges with Adrianna

  • The Sleep Challenge

    16 Steps

    Because there is nothing better than a good night’s rest: yoga, aromatherapy, breath work and more.

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  • Try Your Style

    14 Steps

    Explore styles of yoga you've yet to try and maybe discover a new favourite.

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  • Small Steps to change

    28 Steps

    Classes of 30 minutes and under to develop a sustainable yoga practice for life. It's the smallest steps that can lead to the greatest transformations.

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  • Immunity and Wellbeing

    15 Steps

    A series of classes to help support your immunity and wellbeing.

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  • Home Yoga Retreat

    10 Steps

    A home yoga retreat: perfect when you are unable to attend a retreat in person.

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  • Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life 1

    32 Steps

    This course introduces Patanjali's eight-limbed path.

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  • Before Bed

    30 Steps

    Shorter classes perfect to get you ready for a good night's sleep.

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