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“You are only as old as your spine”

Goes the saying. It’s really important for you to keep your spine moving so that it stays strong, healthy and flexible. But you knew that already. These videos are great if you have a desk job and don’t move as much as you could, or if you already have stiff spine, shoulders or hips. Just remember to do the practices in these videos. Every day. We have got videos of different lengths here so you don’t need to put your back out trying to fit it in your schedule.

We don’t guarantee that you’ll be ready to join the Chinese circus, but we think that your back will appreciate the extra loving you give it and will reward you with less pain. You’ll start feeling that your life has some backbone, quite literally. This will lead to you making better decisions, possibly leading a life from a position of courage. You may start to feel your back is longer, you may start to sit up taller, you may start to notice when you slump or st... Show more



  • Yoga For Happiness (2): Gratitude34:30
    Yoga For Happiness (2): Gratitude

    Nikita Akilapa

    Adopting an attitude of gratitude is a game-changer for journeying into joy. Gratitude for your breath and your body; gratitude for your relationships and experiences; gratitude for who you are and what you bring to the world; gratitude for the opportunity to see yourself clearly and non judgementally. This beautifully paced and sequenced vinyasa flow yoga class has shoulder and upper back opening focus, great to release tight shoulders and stiffness in the upper back and perfect to open the heart to gratitude. This class is about shifting from our habitual responses. You will need two bricks.

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  • Flow Towards Freedom: Radical Radiance50:53
    Flow Towards Freedom: Radical Radiance

    Lucy McCarthy

    A beautifully uplifting heart and chest opening flow yoga class. Starting with breathwork to feel deeply into the heart, this class has the intention of lifting and clearing out the heart space so you can move into joy. A playful, uplifting all-levels vinyasa flow class that includes chest opener at the wall, handstand at the wall followed by some fun backbends. This class aims to help you remove the blockages that get in the way of experiencing your innate joy and bliss.

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  • Flow Towards Freedom: Vibrant Vitality35:21
    Flow Towards Freedom: Vibrant Vitality

    Lucy McCarthy

    A fabulous, uplifting, awakening yoga class to super-charge your life force energy! This class will leave you feeling bright, alert and ready for action. Including breathwork, kapalabhati breathwork some juicy core work, and the peak of royal dancer with a strap. This class is all about connecting to your life force energy, prana, and tuning into to its power potency, and is a wonderful class to get you moving in the morning!

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  • Flow Towards Freedom: Bountiful Body21:42
    Flow Towards Freedom: Bountiful Body

    Lucy McCarthy

    A beautiful, well-round 20 minute flow yoga class to get you in your body finding joy from the simplicity of moving and breathing mindfully. Connect deeply to your body and the miracle that is it is with this wonderful, all-levels yoga class. You will need two bricks or blocks.

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  • Jivamukti Happy Heart50:45
    Jivamukti Happy Heart

    Lizzie Reumont

    Open the heart and the hips, areas which most of us hold tension, with a beautiful, well-rounded Jivamukti yoga class which will open and mobilise your shoulders, hips and most importantly, your heart. You will need blocks or bricks and a strap.

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  • Creative Morning Flow33:52
    Creative Morning Flow

    Naomi Absalom

    Start your day the right way with lots of moving, a lot of breathwork, no static holds with plenty of mobility work on the shoulders and feet. Just bring in the breath and an intention of joy and you'll be set to have a fabulous day ahead!

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  • Lift Your Spirits 41:46
    Lift Your Spirits

    Aoife Kane

    This vinyasa yoga class will get your heart moving and lift your spirits through a fast pace right from the very start and focusing on backbends. This class is a light-hearted way to start the day and will get you moving. Accessible for beginning intermediates with modifications, you will need a block.

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  • Vinyasa Flow for Moving On33:17
    Vinyasa Flow for Moving On

    Jean Hall

    This class is designed to help you to release tensions held within the body to enable you to move on and be open to possibilities in life. This slow vinyasa flow will keep you mindful and moving through life's more turbulent times to enable you to release, let you and when you are ready, move on.

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  • Cleansing Twisty Jiva Flow01:18:16
    Cleansing Twisty Jiva Flow

    Emma Henry

    This challenging, full-length fast paced Jivamukti class is a cleansing, rinsing twist-based, a strong and risinging practice. Starts with chanting and call and response Sita/Ram. This chant is chosen as Ram is the seat of the Manipura Chakra, the centre of ego and insecurities and this is what we're rinsing out when we're twisting from the centre. Sita/Ram are the perfect couple, and from this practice, this is the most perfect asana practice. The intention is set to being the most perfect being we able to be. With this intention, this Jivamukti class will keep you moving.

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  • Compassion through Slow Flow55:22
    Compassion through Slow Flow

    Bridget Woods-Kramer

    In this mindfully slow-flow vinyasa yoga class, Bridget explores the theme of compassion to ourselves. Class starts with a 10 minute discussion reminding us the importance of being compassionate to ourselves. The asana is a slow flow which focuses on the hips, with plenty of lunging work and variation. There is an opportunity for a handstand suppported by the wall or a partner and class finishes with a long, nourishing guided relaxation. You may need a belt, a wall and a partner could be handy too!

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  • Beginners Creative Vinyasa50:08
    Beginners Creative Vinyasa

    Liz Lark

    A lovely introduction to the standing poses or for when you don't feel like a more dynamic practice. This is a slow, nourishing vinyasa without a sun salutation in sight. Highly recommend also for advanced level practitioners who are having a slower day. This sequence is highly restorative, as well as benefiting from being a breakdown of some of the more familiar poses.

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