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This week we arrive at the Heart Chakra – Anahata. This is our core. It’s related to the element Air and corresponds to our ability to accept ourselves, our social identity and to be compassionate.


As it’s the centre of the chakra system, it’s appropriate that it relates to balance. This is our ability to feel unconditional love. It’s also where we experience the tough stuff like grief, loss and rejection. The love we feel here is different to the passionate love of the sacral chakra, this is more about a state of being, how being present to what is and being unconditional in radiating out love. This love comes from a deep sense of peace.

The heart chakra in balance allows us to integrate the various aspects of our being. When in balance you feel compassionate, open and peaceful.

If you’re feeling stuck in this area, get yourself into nature and soak up the benefits. Woods are particularly good. Reconnect to your heart through daily meditations and allowing yourself to soften the walls you may have put up around it. Gently nurse yourself back into an open heart space.

Questions For Self Enquiry

Where am i holding back love in my life?

Where can i find more compassion (for myself and others)?

Yoga Practices

I find that because of our forward facing lifestyle (reading, driving, working on computers) we tend to get very hunched over compressing this region of our body, which then affects our heart chakra. Funny how we protect it so much too? Simple movements like taking your shoulders back and lifting your heart, will not only change your breath, but will start to release some of the tension held here. Have a go!

You will find lots of heart opening poses like cobra, camel and fish in Lucy’s class for the heart chakra. Enjoy!

>>Awaken And Illuminate: The Heart Chakra>>

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 This post was shared by Kirsty Norton Kirsty started practicing over 20 years ago. Svadhyaya, the practice of self-study, has taught her that in every moment, we choose our inner state. She brings this teaching into her classes to empower her students. Her aim is to design her state, be well-rested, work hard, remain always a student, stay vulnerable and lead by example. Kirsty is a proud ambassador for Wellicious and has been published in Yoga Magazine and Elephant Journal. Find her on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.


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