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Calling all Yoga Teachers!  Did you know there is an organisation out there to help with the challenges of working in a caring profession?


As yoga continues to grow, teachers face increasing challenges. Yet, unlike practitioners in other lines of work, little exists to help them process and grow from these challenges. The Fair Yoga Institute (FYI) was created to offer dedicated services to adress this.

So, what can teachers gain from our ‘Nurturing Supervision Groups’?

Greater Awareness And Understanding

As psychotherapists know, supervision provides those in caring professions with a space to process their work, personal experiences and their interplay.

Safer Students And Teachers

By creating this space for processing, supervision safeguards both the well-being of students and teachers. The more aware teachers become of their feelings and challenges, the better we believe they can care for themselves, and in turn for others.

Community And Support

Attending a regular supervision group can be very grounding and supportive. Sharing experiences with a group lessens the sense of isolation that can often be felt while teaching. It also reminds teachers they are not alone in facing specific challenges.

A Fresh Perspective

Supervision groups are a very useful space for sharing current work issues and looking at them with a fresh perspective. They provide a chance to learn from each other’s experiences and insights.

Confidence Building And Passion Kindling

Supervision groups are an ideal space for teachers to connect with their passions around teaching and to continue to harness their voice and beliefs.

Life And Career Sustainability

FYI acknowledges that teaching yoga focuses teachers’ attention on others and can take up significant energy. Attending regular nurturing supervision is an opportunity for teachers to receive ongoing replenishment and renewal.

Striking the balance

Supervision groups help teachers to reconnect with balance. It supports finding balance between giving and receiving, being a teacher and being a student, looking out and looking in, taking care of others and being cared for.

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A core belief of FYI it that when teachers nourish themselves at regular intervals, it gives them more time to enjoy their teaching journey and to grow with increased awareness and energy. If you want more information on FYI and supervision, visit


About FYI (Fair Yoga Institute)

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.01.14FYI was set up by Clive Fogelman and Valerie Hartwich, who are passionate about providing support and care to fellow yoga teachers. FYI provides a range of services and resources to help yoga teachers develop their careers and find balance with their work.  For more information visit:






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