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  • Transformation Course
    Transformation Course

    30 Steps

    Join Zephyr Wildman to progress and extend your yoga practice with dynamic flows and deep meditations.

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  • Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life 2
    Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life 2

    10 Steps

    A 10-class course led by Adam Hocke and Mimi Kuo-Deemer inspired by Buddhism.

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  • Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life 1
    Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life 1

    32 Steps

    This course introduces Patanjali's eight-limbed path.

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  • Empowered Yoga Flow46:43
    Empowered Yoga Flow

    Ava Riby-Williams

    During this intermediate vinyasa yoga class, you choose how dynamic or restful you wish the sequence to be for you. The main focus of the class making decisions based on how you genuinely feel; you can decide how you want to move your body and what is right for you in this moment. Class starts with a talk on what yoga is as a practice of empowerment and revolution, and how this relates to events in the world. How is our yoga related to the freedom we are seeking for ourselves and for others? Ava shares her thoughts on how yoga can be lived on and off the mat before moving into a sequence which includes inversions, such as headstand. Without fear, take this class, adopt the pose which is right for you and take your practice off the mat into real life. This class is trauma-informed.

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