Yoga Courses

We have courses to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s a physical pose, better sleep or simply to learn how to relax into our best selves. Sometimes we need extra motivation to reach our goals. Our courses allow you to explore themed classes at your own pace. Because life is busy enough, it’s nice to be flexible that some days you may fancy doing a few classes, some days none. If flexibility is what you’re after, pick a course that suits your needs and move through our classes.

  • Exploring the Chakras
    Exploring the Chakras

    14 Steps

    +  A series of vinyasa yoga and Yoga Nidra classes with Lucy McCarthyIf you’re like me, and quite down to earth, not very hippie, the mention of Chakras may bring shudders down your spine.Hold that thought. Remember, that like umbrellas, minds only work when they’re open.I think about Chakras as a useful archetype to think about different physical [...]

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  • ReWild Yourself
    ReWild Yourself

    35 Steps

    Step by step this course helps to uncover who we are and rediscover our true, wild, nature, through movement and meditation classes.

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  • Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life 1
    Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life 1

    32 Steps

    This course introduces Patanjali's eight-limbed path.

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  • Flow towards Freedom
    Flow towards Freedom

    5 Steps

    Lucy McCarthy explores how we can live more joyfully by experiencing every part of our experience using the koshas as an anchor. Seven classes exploring our experience.

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  • Perform at your Best
    Perform at your Best

    11 Steps

    A course to help you prepare for a big event - sessions with Lucy McCarthy & Robin Watkins - Davis

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  • The Five Elements
    The Five Elements

    10 Steps

    Join Lucy McCarthy to flow, move, breathe and a little bit of yoga philosophy.

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