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We are finally moving into the world of Poscasts!

It’s such an exciting week! I’m pleased as punch to announce the Movement for Modern Life Podcast!!! Wooohooooo!!!!

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for over a year now, but trying to work out the how to’s on it all hasn’t been too easy for me as, truth be known, I’m just not very good with tech (it’s somehow incredible I’m now running a tech platform!!). Which makes it SO much sweeter when it’s done. Celebrations!

I’m using the podcast as a chance to speak to the people who I really want to speak to, to find out more about people who are changing the world and making sweet transformation in the world. The real Movers. And also I want to take the podcast as a chance to take a deep dive into yoga, health, happiness and sustainability.

A chance to hear the voices of people who are changing the world

I’ll be interviewing the experts to take our deep dive. I’m guessing that the folks who I think are fascinating are ones that you’ll enjoy too. But I’d love to hear your ideas for who you’d like to hear next in the Movers group.

The first podcast is the first in our Champions of Change series. I’m interviewing our very own Robin Watkins-Davis, the youngest person in the UK to become a yoga teacher. And it’s very apt that I’m interviewing a young person, because right now my thoughts go to all those young people studying for their exams.

In the podcast Robin talks about how finding yoga was, for her an absolute game-changer. She went from feeling anxiety to getting all A stars! No wonder she’s dedicated her life to bringing yoga to young people. As she says in the podcast, she feels that yoga is a massive head-start is ‘like giving someone a thousand pounds’. It really increases their chances of success and gives them so much more opportunity.

For young people, and for all of us dealing with deadlines

So we have a new series out now – our Sharpen Your Mind series. It’s great for young people who are focusing on their exams. But also all of us who are dealing with deadlines, and sometimes feel that we can be unfocussed in our work and in our life. The series can be a real mental-sharpener.

I’d love you to download the Podcast and to let me know what you think. It’s not perfect. And I’ve SO much to learn when it comes to reigning in my excitement, to pausing, to listening, to sharpening my own mind as an interviewer. But it’s the first one, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the process and the journey of this new content format for me and MFML and you’ll support our efforts to share the wisdom of our fascinating teachers and inspirational leaders in our community.

With love

Kat  & Team MFML


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