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This week the Christmas rush is starting to get quite intense. There’s lots of talk about Christmas parties, food, presents – and the annual panic starts!

by the fire

For me, Christmas is quite an emotional time. There’s something about Christmas which makes me think of the past, and feel concern for the future.

Everyone has different Christmas ‘stories’, whether we are being busy with cooking, kids and presents, or perhaps it’s a time when we feel what is missing – those people without families or friends become more aware that we’re on our own at Christmas time – or maybe it’s a time when we ache inside because our loved ones have left us, or for me, it’s the annual reminder that I’m single.

When all the world is going mad, and our inner world feels turmoil too, try to be kind to yourself this week. Breathe into the ups and downs of inner and outer life.

This week, more than ever, see if you can keep up a grounded meditation practice, if just for a few breaths. And get grounded and earthy in your movement practice. Whatever emotions come up for you this week and in the coming weeks, breathe into them, acknowledge them and just be with however you are, quietly, peacefully. And then move to stir all those emotions around and slough them off, there’s nothing like Mindful Movement to make you feel happier and more grounded.

And then go out and enjoy the madness!

Kat Farrants by Karen Yeomans

Kat Farrants by Karen Yeomans


This article was written in the countdown to Christmas 2015 by Movement for Modern Life’s fabulous founder, Kat Farrants.





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