What is Yoga?


What is yoga?  A pretty big question!

Patanjali’s first Yoga Sutra, Atha Yoganusasanam, kind of asks the same thing and it took that great sage a life time and 196 Sutras (pearls of wisdom) to define it.

We would love to hear what Yoga is to You!  The answer will be different for everyone and there is no right or wrong!

To get you started, we interviewed some of our favourite teachers at The Yoga Garden Party last summer including Clive Fogelman, Mimi- Kuo Deemer and Naomi Absalom.  

Hear their answers to the big question in this video and then tell us your answer below!

Clive Fogelman: ‘It is a reminder each day to give something back to ourselves.’

Mimi- Kuo Deemer: ‘To Yoke together the parts of myself that feel fragmented or disconnected, I feel that my body, mind and spirit come together.’

Naomi Absalom:  ‘Helps me to find a place in myself which is important, soulful, helps me to ground and connect to people…’

John Scott: “It is my rock in life. . . “

Don’t be shy, go ahead and comment in the box below!

We can’t wait to hear what Yoga means to you!

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This blog was extracted from interviews at The Yoga Garden Party.  This fabulous annual charity event raises funds for The Hope Foundation and gives yoga lovers an opportunity to get together and share their practice.



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