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I don’t know about you, but I find Easter such a life-affirming time of year.


Of course the Christian festival has its pagan roots, and the story of death and rebirth has a far more ancient history. One of the oldest resurrection myths is Egyptian Horus, but each pagan cult had its own myth. It’s thought that the Easter Bunny is a leftover from pagan festival of Eostre, a northern goddess whose symbol was a rabbit or hare.


So there is something deeply inculcated into humanity’s need for the possibility of redemption and rebirth that has embraced the theme of Easter, and all earlier versions of the festival.It absolutely makes sense that it is at this time of year that we think about rebirth and the opportunity for renewal in the cycle of life, with all the birds busy looking for mates, the blossoms on the tree coming through a seemingly impossibly dark and barren winter and baby creatures being born into the newer, lighter world. Our inner world works with so much more strength and resolve when we are able to mirror what’s in the outer world.

A New Challenge

This is a perfect time of year to think about taking on a new challenge and to welcome the possibility of transformation in your life. When your cells are buzzing with vibrancy and your body naturally responds to the warmth, longer days and greater amount of light, it makes perfect sense to start the Transformation Challenge.

The Transformation Challenge is 30 days, and it’s pretty tough – so is only for the more mobile. And we don’t promise that you will be reborn at the end of it. But we do promise that if you do the work and you join us for every day of the challenge, you will glean something new from your practice and your life. Every day the cells in our body die and are replenished, so I love to think that every day our bodies die and have the opportunity to renew.

And then it occurs to me that if our bodies are renewing anyway, why don’t we welcome that renewal and transform every aspect of our lives to work in a way that works perfectly for us, and let each cell become renewed to it’s zingiest, most healthy and radiant form it can possibly be.

Now that’s what I call an Easter treat!! And don’t forget to join our Movers Group when you start your challenge so we can all inspire and support each other on the journey.

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Happy Transformation!


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