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  • Jivamukti: Neck and Shoulder Vinyasa36:14
    Jivamukti: Neck and Shoulder Vinyasa

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    This full, well-rounded Jivamukti yoga class is a vinyasa flow which is a full-body and mind stretch focusing on the neck and shoulders. This class is designed to lengthen the space of the neck and shoulders, an area which suffers so much for most of us in this modern life. Enjoy some delicious neck and shoulder stretching amidst a flowing Jivamukti flow class.

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  • Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior Flow52:01
    Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior Flow

    Lizzie Reumont

    Beginning with the Magic 10 to start this classic Jivamukti yoga class. During the Magic 10, expect long counted holds and a handstand at the wall for those who are ready. During the counted long holds without further instruction, this is great for finding a more meditative state during your asana practice. We then continue with intention setting and the classic, well rounded Jivamukti vinyasa yoga practice, which includes headstand for those who can. You may need two blocks.

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  • Forearm Balance Tutorial23:20
    Forearm Balance Tutorial

    Emma Henry

    Emma prepares us for the key consituents for the complex pose of Forearm Balance (Pincha Mayurasana)- this is a balance which requires open shoulders, good balance and plenty of core strength. You will need a block. This tutorial shows us how to prepare, open and strengthen for the pose, how to safely perform Forearm Balance by the wall and then how to perform Forearm Balance in the middle of the room and how to fall out of it. You will need a belt, and possibly another rolled up mat.

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