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Travelling takes a toll on our bodies and minds. Whether you're you're fighting jet lag after a long flight of or spending endless hours on the road, this special Travel SOS video series will help you unravel and unwind so you can feel amazing as you embark on your journey.


  • Yoga for Stress Relief: Neck Release40:00
    Yoga for Stress Relief: Neck Release

    Vanessa Michielon

    When the muscles of our neck are chronically tight we are more likely to maintain our nervous system in a state of stress. On the contrary, when we allow them to soften, our body and mind can more easily shift into a calm state. This floor-based yoga flow is specifically designed to help you release tension from your neck and shoulders, so you can feel more spacious and relaxed. This class is perfect for when you're busy at work, when you're feeling overwhelmed, when you've been driving a lot or are feeling stressed. This calming yoga practice will help you create more space and relaxation in your neck and stabilise your shoulders as you move.

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  • Your Daily Shoulder, Neck & Head Practice17:51
    Your Daily Shoulder, Neck & Head Practice

    Adam Hocke

    This short yoga class mobilises, strengthens, and relaxes the shoulders and neck through their full range of motion. This is so important for our sedentary lives, and is a vital class for when you've ben busy at work, when you're feeling overwhelmed or when you're travelling. Additionally, you will give yourself a face, head, and jaw massage to help you release tension and find calm. Practise this class regularly as a preparation for your time on your mat or simply to feel good in your body. You will need a yoga brick or block.

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  • Yoga for the Workplace: Release Stress09:37
    Yoga for the Workplace: Release Stress

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    A short yoga class using the wall, perfect if you're at the office, in a hotel room or short on space and you need to quickly release stress. With neck and shoulder stretches and hamstring releasing you'll find that just a few minutes is all it takes to transform body and mind and give yourself just the refreshing pause in the day you need. You'll just need a wall.

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  • Yoga for the Workplace: Ease Tension08:54
    Yoga for the Workplace: Ease Tension

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    Gently ease tension in your body whilst you're at work or when you're seated. This gentle chair yoga class focuses on stretches to ease the body and mind during stressful times at work. It is also an ideal class if your mobility is limited, if floor or standing poses aren't possible for you right now or if you have limited space and you need to ease tension and stretch out.

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  • Love Your Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back22:33
    Love Your Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back

    Kristin Campbell

    A simple yoga class, perfect as a bookend as a warm up or wind down to the beginning or end of a practice, even perfect as a post-athletic stretch out, or a break during the day. With a focus on with poses that open your shoulders, hips, hamstrings and lower back. You will be doing some seated poses so if you have tender knees or ankles, I recommend having a block for under your pelvis. We use the wall in this practice, so you'll need to be near a wall as a prop. You may want a bolster for legs up the wall, our closing posture, it feels great under the pelvis, it really helps to support hamstring lengthening. You wil need a block and a belt handy.

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  • Flow Towards Freedom: Ignite Your Intuition54:22
    Flow Towards Freedom: Ignite Your Intuition

    Lucy McCarthy

    Cultivate tuning into your intuition, your wisdom body with this is a slow flow featuring longer, hatha holds. A more meditative, deep, hip based practice that quiets the mind enough that you can start to listen to and trust your intuition and inner wisdom. Long, juicy hip opening, kneeling warrior at the wall. Ending in a meditation with the focus of listening. This class aims at taking you out of your head and into your roots. A perfect class to help you unravel after travel or after a tough day at work. Helping you to reconnect to your innate inherent inner wisdom. You will need access to a wall, a blanket and maybe a strap.

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  • Healthy Back (3) Supine hips and lower back17:06
    Healthy Back (3) Supine hips and lower back

    Lizzie Reumont

    A lovely and gentle class all on the back, to create space in the hips and lower back. A perfect class for winding down and getting ready for bed, as well as for when travelling, after a day at the desk, or for when you've had to be seated for long periods.

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  • Gentle Yoga For Travel23:55
    Gentle Yoga For Travel

    Catherine Annis

    This all-levels, gentle yoga class is perfect class to relax and ground you, whilst gently mobilsing your joints to help you to recover from travel and is wonderful for sorting the body and mind to help combat the effects of jet lag, but the class is also a perfect antidote for any long periods of sitting, and when you just need deep nourishment. Perfect if you’ve travelled, or if you’ve had a long day at a desk, this class stretches your spine and hips, decompressing your lower back, stretching your hamstrings, You will need a bolster and access to a chair or any furniture you can put your feet on!

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  • Soothe Your Soul21:46
    Soothe Your Soul

    Kirsty Norton

    A gentle, nourishing way to start or end the day. A steady hatha yoga hip opener with focus on the breath, especially for moving into calm and to release any tension and anxiety. Perfect for post-travel, or after work unravelling of the body and mind.

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  • After Work Or Travel - Rebalance And Restore44:35
    After Work Or Travel - Rebalance And Restore

    Kate Walker

    A cleverly sequenced and rather beautiful simple yoga class to restore and rebalance your spine after you have been sitting at a desk, sitting in an aeroplane or driving for long periods of time. Suitable for beginners and those tired after a long day. You will need soft blocks and a strap.

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