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These practices have been specifically created and sequenced for watching online on Movement for Modern Life to reduce stress and anxiety you may feel in your life.
Within our anti-stress and anxiety series, we have a range of practices which include:


which cultivates a deep sense of awareness.The perfect antidote to urban life, Yin focuses on releasing and letting go via the deep musculature of the body and connective tissues, aiding physical, energetic, mental and emotional flexibility.

Restorative Yoga

is passive, designed to adjust the nervous system and rest the adrenal glands, enabling the body to move towards balance.

All of the practices on this site are designed to increase your awareness on the breath and movement, which will intrinsicly help you deal with any stress/anxiety you may feel in everyday life.


  • Mindfulness To Go08:32
    Mindfulness To Go

    Clive Fogelman

    A short mindfulness exercise for space, body and breath which is perfect for doing anytime, anywhere. Perhaps you're waiting at the bus stop, you're on the train or plane, you're at your desk and feeling overwhelmed, or you're just a few minutes early for an appointment. This class is a really wonderful way to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. A ten minute centring exercise that you can do when you are looking to cultivate a feeling of presentness, groundedness and connection. Download this class on the App so you can take it on the go and feel space, body breath, wherever you are!

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  • Kundalini Yoga for Positivity18:15
    Kundalini Yoga for Positivity


    This Kundalini yoga class offers four simple mudras, which can be practiced anytime, anywhere, and can be done in a seated posture or at a desk. These mudras will help with feelings of overwhelm or negative emotions. These mudras are said to lift the spirits and help with moving into a happier, more positive frame of mind.

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  • Yin Yoga for Overwhelm57:07
    Yin Yoga for Overwhelm

    Dirish Shaktidas

    Expect cooling forward bends and refreshing twists in this yin yoga class. The poses help to ease overwhelm during the full moon, or any time that life feels a little stressful. The journey inward starts with some gentle movement. Then we focus on releasing and letting go with folding forward poses, which encourage looking inward. Your hamstrings and hips will benefit from these folds, they are perfect poses for those who have been seated all day, or athletes needing to stretch out the hamstrings and hips. During the long pose holds, there is no instruction or talking, so that we can delve deeper into the poses, and unlike some yin Classes, there is a little movement in between poses. Props suggested: a bolster (or two!) a block or two and a strap.

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  • Gong Relaxation 12:20
    Gong Relaxation


    Take a long, deep relaxation with this beautiful sound healing with gong. Take a comfortable savasana, or adopt any restorative yoga position, and enjoy the healing tones of the gong; soothing your nervous system and helping you find calm.

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  • Qigong for Anxiety24:45
    Qigong for Anxiety

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    A Qigong class with gentle movements to help to calm, ground and ease anxiety. In Qigong and Chinese medicine, anxiety arises when the flow of qi, or life energy, through our organs and meridians becomes stuck, stagnant or caught in chaotic whirlpools. In this class we’ll do practices to support our qi to flow in more natural, balanced ways. When this happens, the tendencies towards restlessness, worry and fear - all things that can trigger anxiety - can gradually start to fall away. All you’ll need is some comfortable clothes and some space to stand.

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  • Breath Work For When You Don't Know What To Do12:05
    Breath Work For When You Don't Know What To Do


    A calming breath work class with mudra, sound healing and gong relaxation. A really great class to take when you're anxious or overwhelmed, and when you're looking for tools to help to keep focused and calm.

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  • Yoga Nidra for Relaxation36:52
    Yoga Nidra for Relaxation

    Vidya Heisel

    Yoga Nidra is a 'yogic sleep', but the aim is not to fall asleep! This is a rewarding relaxation practice which will help melt tension in your body and mind by rotating your consciousness and awareness. You may want a bolster under your knees, a blanket under your head and an eye pillow, or you can simply lay in savasansa. Find what is most comfortable for you.

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  • Qigong Balance Series 3: Emotional Balance37:07
    Qigong Balance Series 3: Emotional Balance

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    The third class in the qigong balance series uses movements, mudras and visualisations to guide you through the Chinese organs and meridian systems – each of which has a related emotion. For example, the liver relates to anger, the heart to joy, the spleen to sympathy, the lungs to grief, and the kidneys to fear. When we can help support the optimal function of these organ and meridian systems, our emotions will also naturally find greater natural expression and balance. No props are needed, not even a mat!

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  • Kundalini Kriya for Overwhelm51:51
    Kundalini Kriya for Overwhelm


    A fun Kundalini yoga kriya with clapping and gong sounds to clear your energy and relieve anxiety. This is perfect for when you're tired and have limited energy as the class takes place seated. Shake, drum, clap and move - get free and clear your negative energy and overwhelm. Explore some really fun ways to get stress out of your body and mind; be open-minded so you can turn your negative emotions around. Class ends with beautiful gong relaxation and a mantra for trust.

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  • Menopause Yoga: Finding Ease01:01:16
    Menopause Yoga: Finding Ease

    Petra Coveney

    This gentle vinyasa yoga class is designed as a moving meditation to calm your mind and nervous system to help you prepare for rest. It is followed by Petra’s ‘disappear from the world’ restorative yoga poses, Max Strom’s ‘Mind Meets the Breath’ meditation and breath work, before ending with a relaxation practice, seated meditation and a mantra. You will need a strap or belt, a bolster, a cushions, 2 blankets, 2 blocks and 1 cork yoga brick or weighted eye pillow (or equivalent). NB - Modifications: hip and knee injuries take care. If you experience hot flushes, keep your head level with your heart. Osteoporosis: avoid flexion rounding your back in forward folds; keep your spine straight. Claustrophobia: avoid placing the blanket over the head. Headaches: avoid placing weight on the head. Trauma and previous experience of panic attacks: breathe at your own pace and pause the practice when needed.

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  • Soothing Heart Relaxation06:38
    Soothing Heart Relaxation

    Liz Lark

    Find calm during this guided relaxation meditation class. It’s perfect as a supportive, guided savasana for after class, during times of stress, or to soothe your nerves. This is a five elements cave of the heart relaxation.

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  • Yoga for Stress Relief: Neck Release40:00
    Yoga for Stress Relief: Neck Release

    Vanessa Michielon

    When the muscles of our neck are chronically tight we are more likely to maintain our nervous system in a state of stress. On the contrary, when we allow them to soften, our body and mind can more easily shift into a calm state. This floor-based yoga flow is specifically designed to help you release tension from your neck and shoulders, so you can feel more spacious and relaxed. This class is perfect for when you're busy at work, when you're feeling overwhelmed, when you've been driving a lot or are feeling stressed. This calming yoga practice will help you create more space and relaxation in your neck and stabilise your shoulders as you move.

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  • Mindful Movement to Unwind & De-Stress12:15
    Mindful Movement to Unwind & De-Stress

    Amy Holly

    This is a short, calming mindful movement and breath work class to help you find a settled, but grounded posture and a focused mind. The emphasis is on breathing and using a gentle moving meditation to really be in the moment. This class is perfect if you're low on energy and need a quick energy re-set, perhaps to calm you after a full-on day at work, if you are struggling with anxiety or you are recovering from illness or injury and you want to be gently reminded what it’s like to be back in the body.

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  • Restorative Yoga for Pregnancy41:44
    Restorative Yoga for Pregnancy

    Nikita Akilapa

    Support and soothe your pregnant body with this peaceful restorative pregnancy yoga class. Find deep rest with relaxing and nourishing postures (supported sukhasana, legs up the wall, supported twist, reclining savasana). With restorative yoga, less is more. Spending extended time in each posture carries lots of physiological benefits. Beyond the physical, we can use the stillness as an opportunity to really be present with baby. You will need a bolster, yoga bricks if you have them, and access to a wall.

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  • Yoga Step by Step 136:53
    Yoga Step by Step 1

    Kate Walker

    This is the first class in a series for those of starting, or coming back to yoga, or for those who simply want to move with grace and ease. Use this simple yoga sequence to create a spacious body and a mind free from anxiety with simple postures. It is suitable for most bodies. Start lying down with gentle hamstring stretches and hip openers, perfect for combating tight hips resulting from a sedentary lifestyle. Then gently mobilise the spine and learn the basic standing postures, building strength slowly and gently. Finish with seated forward bends and twists and a beautiful savasana. This class is perfect for beginners, but all of us will benefit from the ease of movement and depth of breath from these hatha yoga poses.

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  • Breath Work: Break Down and Breakthrough15:21
    Breath Work: Break Down and Breakthrough

    Ava Riby-Williams

    A breath break down/breakthrough. This yoga class is a breath work tutorial to feel the breath and discover more about how we breathe. It is semi meditation and semi instructional, with practical tips which could change your life by helping control anxiety or simply staying calm and present. It could be done sitting on a chair or on the floor, at work, at home, or wherever you find yourself today. A great class for breathing and feeling, to ground and to be in the present moment.

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  • Your Difficult Emotions Practice01:00:23
    Your Difficult Emotions Practice

    Adam Hocke

    A beautiful hatha yoga class to give you permission to feel all the things you're feeling, along with a safe space to process difficult or strong emotions. This class begins with a meditation and a breath-oriented slow yoga flow bringing space and warmth all around your heart along with many opportunities for self-soothing and embrace. Then we will take advantage of this compassionate environment and allow plenty of time for rest, processing, and healing in a few restorative shapes. You will need a strap, bolster, a blanket, and a couple bricks, although you can improvise with whatever you have at home.

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  • Restorative Yoga for Gut Health: Find Calm22:41
    Restorative Yoga for Gut Health: Find Calm

    Gabriella Espinosa

    Taking a moment in our busy lives to find calm and be present with ourselves is so important for overall health and wellbeing. In this calming and restorative class Gabriella guides us through a self-massage and breath practice to help relax the abdominal area and deepen our ability to listen to our bodies. Props: one bolster, two blankets and one block

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