Norman Blair

Norman Blair

Norman has been practicing yoga since the early 1990s and started teaching in 2001. He has years of experience of teaching yin yoga in the UK and weaves this wonderful practice with his own background of ashtanga and meditation to be create a potent mix.

Champion of Change Podcast with Norman


In this podcast we discuss what yoga teaching has to do with living a meaningful life, how we might find meaning in our lives, and the importance, as yogis, of living a life full of honesty and integrity and challenging complacency. Norman Blair is a champion of yoga teachers in his work highlighting teacher’s poor pay, and is known for being unafraid to just do the right thing.

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Norman's challenges:

  • The Sleep Challenge

    16 Steps

    Because there is nothing better than a good night’s rest: yoga, aromatherapy, breath work and more.

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  • 15-Day Yin Yoga Challenge

    15 Steps

    Light a candle, grab a cuppa, roll out your mat and enjoy the true hygge of yoga.

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  • Move Into Calm: Yoga to reset and recentre

    24 Steps

    Reset and recentre with yoga classes to help balance anxiety.

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  • Try Your Style

    20 Steps

    Explore styles of yoga you've yet to try and maybe discover a new favourite.

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