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  • Devotion: Practising Hanumanasana01:05:52
    Devotion: Practising Hanumanasana

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    Hanumanasana is a challenging pose – it’s the “splits” – but named after the monkey king Hanuman, who in one giant leap stretched across the continent of India to help save his Lord Rama’s wife, Sita. His act is one of devotion. When we practice Hanumanasana, it can feel really challenging, but if we consider what makes us act in the service of our highest self, or our volition in life – like Hanuman’s devotion and love inspired him to take that immortalized leap – the pose can perhaps be understood in a new light. In this practice we’ll look at Hanumanasana and consider the ways in which can embrace its difficulty with skill and insight.

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