Lucy & Ben Parker

Lucy & Ben Parker

Lucy and Ben met in 2012 and were married soon after. They are both passionate about helping to support people gain health, happiness and joy in their lives. With this purpose they established Flow Tunbridge Wells in 2015, a centre for yoga, osteopathy and learning in the Kentish countryside.

Together Ben and Lucy teach an advanced level of anatomy to yoga teachers wishing to deepen their knowledge of human anatomy for the development of their yoga practice and teaching. They also co-teach on their pioneering Understanding Yoga Teacher Training course with other MFML teachers Alexander Filmer-Lorch and Liz Lark.

Lucy is a Senior Yoga Teacher with YAP and specialises in teaching privately to clients with a therapeutic focus on health both physically and mentally. She has been practicing yoga since her university days (over 30 years ago!) and teaching since 2010.

Ben has been running his busy osteopathy practice since 1999 and has extensive experience in working with individuals with a wide range of physical complaints.
Both Lucy and Ben emphasise the importance of exercise in the process of recovery and understand fully how yoga and osteopathy can work in synergy to promote overall well-being.

They are both enjoy a regular yoga practice and have a family of 4 teenage boys.

Find out more about their next Advanced Applied Anatomy course for Yoga Teachers here.

Find out more about their next Understanding Yoga Teacher Training course here.

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Courses with Lucy & Ben

  • Yoga and Anatomy
    Yoga and Anatomy

    15 Steps

    Tutorials and classes, with Lucy & Ben Parker, and Andrew McGonigle, to support you to gain an insight into your anatomy and with common injuries.

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  • Ageless Movement
    Ageless Movement

    32 Steps

    Age is a relative concept. Whilst we don’t believe there is any one appropriate yoga for seniors, we do believe that maintaining movement as we age is vital.

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