Yoga Nidra › Stress/Anxiety › 30 to 45 mins


  • Pregnancy Restorative Yoga with Nidra35:52
    Pregnancy Restorative Yoga with Nidra

    Katarina Rayburn

    A really relaxing yoga class of gentle movements followed by yoga nidra. This class doesn't need a yoga mat and can be done in limited space or even in bed. Start with seated joint mobility, restorative forward folds and hip openers, all preparing your mind and body for total relaxation through the practice of yoga nidra. A great practice for when you are feeling tired, in need of a 'yogic power nap' or to prepare you for bedtime. Options for using bolsters to support are used, but you can use pillows or cushions as well. This is a pregnancy yoga class, specially created for mums-to-be to be able to find time to relax, but you may also want to try this is you're not pregnant for deep relaxation.

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  • Honour Your Cycle: Winter40:01
    Honour Your Cycle: Winter

    Uma Dinsmore Tuli

    A beautiful yoga nidra (yogic sleep) for menstruation, especially designed to ease flow, ease pain and feel nourished and supported. Uma uses the sound of Tibetan singing bowls to help us to drop into a deep, nourishing relaxation. The first 6 minutes 40 talks through setting up for yoga nidra, how to create a comfortable yoga nidra so that you feel held and supported. You may wish to start at 6.40 if you'd like to get straight into your yoga nidra after you've set up. You may enjoy a hot water bottle for this class. We recommend a scarf to wrap around the waist and a blanket to keep warm and you will need to set yourself up next to your sofa or a chair, so that your knees are resting up, and your ankles higher than your knees.

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  • Yoga Nidra with Graham31:41
    Yoga Nidra with Graham

    Graham Burns

    Graham introduces yoga nidra by briefly explaining the practice, then showing us how to set up and finally Graham treats us to a beautiful 20 minute yoga nidra practice Yoga nidra is yogic sleep. If you already know the practice and how to set up, scroll forward to 12 minutes through where Graham starts class. Prepare for deep rest and for your intentions to come to fruition.

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